Moonlight Masquerade: Art for Autism 2018 Kicks Off NBA's 20th Anniversary

Scenes from AFA 2018Scenes from AFA 2018NBA Board of Directors

October’s Art for Autism (AFA) 2018 fundraiser, Moonlight Masquerade, kicked off NBA’s yearlong 20th anniversary celebration. The Puget Sound and the Seattle Great Wheel created the backdrop for the biennial auction and dinner, which drew nearly 200 attendees and raised more than $100,000. Guests included many of the families and former Board of Directors members who started with NBA two decades ago. A special tribute honored our original 20-year students, whose presence served as a reminder of the wonderful and important work that NBA does daily. We are privileged that they joined the celebration.

We're also appreciative of our student speaker, Spencer Mundel, and the many staff members and students who made the event successful.

Stay tuned for further announcements regarding our 20th anniversary.