Meet Shivesh, our Social Group All Star of the Quarter

I am Shivesh and I am 6 years old.  In social group, I play with toys like Legos and castle.  With Legos, I can build anything!  With castle, I tell stories.  I play a bad guy and attack!  We also eat a snack in social group.  I eat pretzel, Cheez-It, and Goldfish.  We also do conversation.  I answer and ask questions like “When is your birthday?” or “Do you have a sister?”  We play games like Hiss and Candyland.  When we play game, we say “That’s OK” or “Better luck next time!” to be a good sport.  I like social group because I like playing with my friend.  We are both best friends.  My favorite part of social group is playing with toys and telling stories.