Meet CBI AllStar from this Summer- Hasan!

We are so pleased to feature Hasan this quarter! When we asked who would like to be featured he jumped at the opportunity, just like he did into CBI programs! Hasan was new to CBI this summer and participated in a wide variety of programs including Cooking, Group Leisure, ‘A Day in the Life’ programs, and even a couple Extended Leisure opportunities, including Art and Kite Flying. He came in everyday with a positive attitude, and was tremendously flexible and willing to learn. We are so pleased that he is continuing this Fall! Go Hasan!

Please see below for Hasan’s responses to an interview with CBI Assistant Anna Rosen.

Anna: 'Hasan, when did you start CBI?'

Hasan: 'I started CBI this summer for the first time.'

Anna: 'What was your first impression of CBI?'

Hasan: 'When I started CBI, I went to Bellevue Downtown Park with (staff) Matthew Charchenko. I thought CBI was a fun thing I wanted to do instead of being at home.'

Anna: 'How do you feel about CBI?'

Hasan: 'It is the best thing ever because I can't stay at home all day long. It is a good way to get out into the community.'

Anna: 'What was your favorite community outing this summer? What was your least favorite outing?'

Hasan: 'My favorite outing was going to Lucky Strike for some arcade action. The only thing I don't like about CBI is going too far from NBA.'

Anna: 'Would you recommend CBI to friends?'

Hasan: 'Yeah, CBI is the best thing I think you will really like it.'

Anna: 'Are you looking forward to Fall CBI?'

Hasan: 'Yes, I am excited to see what we are going to do.'