Learn More About our Social Group All Star of the Summer!

Meet Joaquin, our 9-year old student who took our Small Group Intervention classes over the summer for the first time, and see what he had to say when he was interviewed by his CBT, Cisco:


Cisco: 'How was the summer social group?'

Joaquin: 'Fantastic!'

Cisco: 'Was this your first time in social group?'

Joaquin: 'Yes it was.'

Cisco: 'Do you want to do social group again?'

Joaquin: 'Yes, next summer.'

Cisco: 'What was your favorite activity?'

Joaquin: 'Making slime.'

Cisco: 'What was your favorite part of social group?'

Joaquin: 'Doing science projects, especially the volcano with different colors.'

Cisco: 'How many other kids were in your group?'

Joaquin: '2. It was Angel and Luke.'

Cisco: 'Did you enjoy working with the other kids in your group?'

Joaquin: 'Yeah.'

Cisco: 'What was your favorite part of working with the other kids?'

Joaquin: 'We got to dance and played games together. We also made Origami.'

Thank you Joaquin for being such a fun addition this summer!