Jason is Featured CBI Student

May 2018 Featured CBI Student

We are so pleased to feature Jason this spring! Jason is one of our longest and most involved CBI learners. He participates in “A Day in the Life” half- and full-day programs, in which NBA staff build a comprehensive schedule to focus on various independent living skills. Jason has enjoyed the program while learning about community norms, cooking, office tasks, independent bus riding, and leisure and healthy living activities including bowling, swimming, biking and hiking. He also successfully fulfills an internship with staff at We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym. Jason is a pleasure to have within CBI and has become a mentor to other learners this spring!

Jason wrote the following about himself and also completed an interview with CBI assistant Anna Rosen.

Hi, I’m Jason! I am 20 years old. My birthday is 11/14. I live in Issaquah, WA. I graduated at Issaquah High School. I’m in the ACT program. I have one last year of ACT program. My favorite color is red. I played the piano with Diana. I like to cut the grass. I like to work at IHOP. I like to work at We Rock the Spectrum.

Anna: When did you start CBI?

Jason: I don't know, a long time ago.

Anna: Do you enjoy CBI?

Jason: Yep!

Anna: What is your favorite part of CBI?

Jason: Looking at maps and bus routes.

Anna: What is your favorite CBI outing?

Jason: MOD Pizza

Anna: Would you recommend CBI to your friends?

Jason: Yes, because they could help too.