CBI All Star- Anthony Bynum

We are pleased to feature Anthony as our CBI student of the quarter! Anthony is a 13 year old boy with an awesome sense of humor that enjoys swimming, playing video games, drawing, and making movies. He loves going out to eat especially when he can get pizza!

For both Amanda and I it has been a great pleasure to get to work with Anthony this year! He has joined multiple Community-Based Instruction programs. Last summer he started with the restaurant skills program targeting ordering and understanding tip and tax. We were pleased to have him continue the program by enrolling in functional living in the community, targeting grocery shopping and budgeting as well as the group leisure program, and focused leisure-hiking program. We couldn’t be happier with his effort and progress over the course of the last year! Anthony is now successfully locating items in the store, identifying the cheapest selection of an item, using a debit card, and balancing his check register to budget his money!!! He is beginning to learn to do his own meal planning for the week as well.

When asked what his favorite leisure activities have been that we’ve done as a group, he reported that he really liked The Kelsey Creek Farm, Bainbridge Island, and Mod Pizza trips. He also loved going to the beach and to the Mercer Slough Nature Park. He has made tremendous improvement in his ability to remain engaged for the duration of activities, and become an active leader within the group.

It has been a joy having Anthony participate in CBI and we look forward to continuing to work with him this fall! 

Randee Wagner, M.Ed., BCBA

Community-Based Instruction Coordinator