Small Group Intervention Program

NBA's Small Group Intervention Program provides unique opportunities for children to enhance, practice, and generalize social skills they have learned in an individualized setting.  Our Small Group Intervention Program addresses a wide range of skills, such as basic play skills, school readiness, problem-solving, perspective taking, conversation, and executive functioning.  Each child works on individualized goals developed in collaboration with the Small Group Intervention Coordinator and the child’s Program Manager.  We use various curricula such as Social Thinking™, as well as individually developed lesson plans to teach complex social skills in the behavior analytic manner.  Each group is comprised of 2 – 6 children.  The group placement depends on each child’s age, cognitive and social functioning level, specific prerequisite requirements, and schedule availability.  Generalization of the skills learned in an individualized setting, especially social skills, can be very challenging for children with ASD.  NBA offers the Small Group Intervention Program as an excellent add-on service to the weekly program manager sessions and home tutoring programs.  Inquiries regarding the Small Group Intervention Program should be directed to our Small Group Intervention Coordinator, Yoko Phillips at (425) 822-6442 ext.111 or via e-mail at